The Vision Soundtrack


Songs Include

  1. The Vision
  2. I Need My Savior
  3. Then We’ll Be Glad
  4. Jesus, Dad & Me
  5. Hide Me Rock Of Ages
  6. Touching Me, Touching You
  7. Good Morning Lord
  8. Give Me Back My Body
  9. I Heard About A Stone
  10. Let’s Meet By The River

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Soundtracks Included

  1. The Vision (w/ BGV’s)
  2. I Need My Savior (w/ BGV’s)
  3. Then We’ll Be Glad (w/ BGV’s)
  4. Jesus, Dad & Me (w/ BGV’s)
  5. Hide Me Rock Of Ages (w/ BGV’s)
  6. Touching Me, Touching You (w/ BGV’s)
  7. Good Morning Lord (w/ BGV’s)
  8. Give Me Back My Body (w/ BGV’s)
  9. I Heard About A Stone (w/ BGV’s)
  10. Let’s Meet By The River (w/ BGV’s)
  11. The Vision (w/o BGV’s)
  12. I Need My Savior (w/o BGV’s)
  13. Then We’ll Be Glad (w/o BGV’s)
  14. Jesus, Dad & Me (w/o BGV’s)
  15. Hide Me Rock Of Ages (w/o BGV’s)
  16. Touching Me, Touching You (w/o BGV’s)
  17. Good Morning Lord (w/o BGV’s)
  18. Give Me Back My Body (w/o BGV’s)
  19. I Heard About A Stone (w/o BGV’s)
  20. Let’s Meet By The River (w/o BGV’s)


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